Advanced Energy Derivatives Pricing, Hedging and Risk Management

The Oxford Princeton Programme
The Oxford Princeton Programme

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Type:Certificate Programs
Method:Full time
Duration:2 Day

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Advanced Energy Derivatives Pricing, Hedging and Risk Management (DPH3) builds on the concepts and instruments presented in Energy Derivatives Markets, Instruments and Hedging (DPH1) and Energy Derivatives Pricing, Hedging and Risk Management (DPH2) and covers advanced derivatives pricing topics as well as market risk management of derivatives portfolios. Advanced market risk management topics such as applications of marginal VaR analysis, backtesting VaR models and extreme value theory VaR are presented. Counterparty risk management and potential future exposure (PFE) calculations are covered in this module. Advanced derivatives pricing and hedging concepts covering exotic derivatives and physical assets (eg power plants and natural gas storage) are also presented in this course. The course also covers advanced hedging concepts such as delta-gamma hedging and cross-market hedging and hedging in the presence of volumetric risk.

This highly interactive workshop uses practical case studies, Excel exercises and group discussions to reinforce the concepts presented in the lectures.

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The Oxford Princeton Programme

The Oxford Princeton Programme designs, develops and delivers the education and training courses critical to compete and succeed in the ever changing energy markets. Nearly 100,000 energy business professionals to date have gained an edge with our courses focusing on: oil, natural gas, LNG, LPG, power, electricity, biofuels, renewables, trading, derivatives, hedging, risk management and other aspects of the dynamic energy industry.

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