Advanced implantological surgery workshop on live patients

Centaurus Implant International S.L.
Centaurus Implant International S.L.

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Practical course in live patients devoted primarily to perform sinus lifts, as well as individuals and bone grafts of collagen membrane placement.
Performing sinus lifts, besides particular bone grafts and collagen membrane placement.

Dentistry and Stomatology graduates with hands-on implant placement and want to learn to perform sinus lifts and other techniques related to implantology.
Duration:5 Day
Total hours of lesson:6
Accreditation:At the end of the course will issue an official certificate from the Institute of Medical Sciences Cuba.
Requirements:Bachelor's degree in Dentistry. To enroll we need your scanned passport (remember to have the passport in date), that personal information* and the transfer of 10% in our bank. * FULL NAME:, DATE OF BIRTH:, NACIONALITY:, ID:, PASSPORT NUMBER: (scanned), ADRESS:, CITY:, COUNTRY:, PHONE NUMBER:, EMAIL:, MEDICAL LICENCE NUMBER: (scanned)
Students per class:6

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Course program

5-days intensive courses, with the option to customize the course to suit prolonging the duration.
The goal is for each student to complete at least 5 sinus lifts, planning and discussing the treatment plan and possible options.
This course focuses on learning and applying the following techniques:

(1) sinus lift technique by CALDWELL LUC.
(2) atraumatic sinus lift.
(3) Extraction and particulate bone graft.
(4) collagen membrane placement in the oral cavity.

The surgeries will be directed and supervised by the teaching team. Students participate as surgeons and intervene as assistants and instrumentalists, completing his training in all areas of operations.

Course location

Centaurus Implant International S.L.

We are a company with over 13 years of experience organizing and delivering workshops in live patients. This we seek to acquire the professional management and security in the different surgical techniques, always supported by experienced surgeons. Throughout the year we offer the following courses:

(1) ORAL SURGERY: In which retained wisdom teeth extractions performed, canines, torus, apicoectomy, etc.

(2) ORAL IMPLANTOLOGY: You will learn the methods of implant placement in addition to the design of incisions and suture techniques.

(3) ADVANCED IMPLANTOLOGICAL SURGERY: Dedicated primarily to perform sinus lifts, bone grafts as well as individuals and collagen membrane placement.

Once the training will be available to individual attention by teachers, so you can see the doubt try cases in his clinic.

During these years we have trained over 450 students from different countries, with excellent results.

Our training programs are for professionals with knowledge and skills in the areas of implantology and surgery, and professionals who having completed their training have not yet had contact with the practice on patients in these specialties.

The courses of oral surgery, oral implantology and advanced implant surgery are offered annually in Buenos Aires (Argentina) and La Havana (Cuba).

"The big competition it faces the dentist makes a good training necessary, to broaden their knowledge and improve their practical skills, in order to be more competitive in the labor market."

The main advantage lies in realizing our courses purely practical approach. Our goal is that students, always supported by experienced surgeons, complete theoretical and practical knowledge, acquiring the management, security and confidence to perform at their workplace different surgical techniques.

Our courses are certified degrees awarded academic credit for study. In Argentina are issued by the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology, University of Buenos Aires. In Cuba are issued by The Institute of Medicine in Cuba.

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