Apache Spark Training Course


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Duration:14 Hour
Total hours of lesson:7
Students per class:6

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Course program

Why Spark?
Problems with Traditional Large-Scale Systems
Introducing Spark
Spark Basics
What is Apache Spark?
Using the Spark Shell
Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs)
Functional Programming with Spark
Working with RDDs
RDD Operations
Key-Value Pair RDDs
MapReduce and Pair RDD Operations
The Hadoop Distributed File System
HDFS Architecture
Using HDFS
Running Spark on a Cluster
A Spark Standalone Cluster
The Spark Standalone Web UI
Parallel Programming with Spark
RDD Partitions and HDFS Data Locality
Working With Partitions
Executing Parallel Operations
Caching and Persistence
RDD Lineage
Caching Overview
Distributed Persistence
Writing Spark Applications
Spark Applications vs. Spark Shell
Creating the SparkContext
Configuring Spark Properties
Building and Running a Spark Application
Spark, Hadoop, and the Enterprise Data Center
Spark and the Hadoop Ecosystem
Spark and MapReduce
Spark Streaming
Spark Streaming Overview
Example: Streaming Word Count
Other Streaming Operations
Sliding Window Operations
Developing Spark Streaming Applications
Common Spark Algorithms
Iterative Algorithms
Graph Analysis
Machine Learning
Improving Spark Performance
Shared Variables: Broadcast Variables
Shared Variables: Accumulators
Common Performance Issues

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