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Kellie Nicholson has been trained by the very best in the food/beverage and hospitality businesses, including Marriott, Lettuce Entertain You, and The Levy Restaurants. Having worked in all types of establishments all over the United States, with job titles including: general manager, beverage/bar manager, bartender, bartender/barback, waitress, cashier and door host, her experience is unparalleled.

As a consultant, Kellie has assisted establishments all over the Los Angeles area, specializing in superior customer service and maximum revenues.


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Find Your Excellence

Take this life-changing course online in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You will receive weekly lessons to read and assignments to do for 6 weeks. Each assignment includes a scheduled 5-minute phone call with your life coach, Kellie Nicholson to clarify exercises and discuss progress. The "Find Your Excellence"...

Bartending the Easy Way

Quick and Easy! Many people like to take a course of this type in the comfort of their own home, while others just prefer to learn without the pressure of having others around. "Bartending the Easy Way" online course will teach you everything you need to begin your bartending career. Through...

Professional Bar Management

Managing a bar or restaurant can be an overwhelming experience. The physical, emotional and mental demands are extreme. This course will teach you simple ways to handle difficult situations with unhappy customers and employees, the duties of each employee, and key factors which are vital to a successful business. You will...

13 Habits of Skinny People

This is information is no secret, but it will help you establish a goal weight and incorporate life-style changes into your daily routine. The weight comes off effortlessly and without deprivation.

Produce Talent Contests

Instead of watching them on television, be a part of making dreams come true. This mini-course is a great value that includes all you need to get started producing your own talent contests for profit.

Crowd Funding Options

Another wonderful door the Internet has opened is crowd funding. Learn about some of the best options to raise funds for your artistic, philanthropicor business venture.


Learning decision-making skills will help you throughout life. This technique, used by family counselor Jalee Carder, MFT, will teach you how to approach important decisions.

Turn Your Ideas into Cash

Starting your own business doesn't have to be difficult or require a lot of money. There are very easy steps you can take to find your ticket to financial independence. These economic times have created fear about the future, but what most people don't realize is that this is a great...