Your suggestions to improve our services

Giuseppe Albucci
Monday, October 10, 2011

Our first objective is to provide you tailor made services for your needs.

That is why we are asking you to help us by proposing improvements to the services which are already available on our portal, or by suggesting new functions that you think might be implemented.

We are looking forward to your suggestions.

Some news on the way for you

Daniela Tedeschi
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Since the beginning of last March - when we opened our portal in Uk - we have been busy opening our portal in many other countries. This first step will end by mid-October, with the opening of our Canadian and Swiss portals.

We are now ready to take a further step, improving the design and the services that we offer to the companies and the users.

Since June we have been improving the usability, creating new functions and new sections of our portal.

We don’t want to tell you anything in advance, but we hope you’ll be able to read in the next posts about the realization of several new ideas that we have in store for you, because that will mean that you chose to stay with us.

All the Spanish speaking countries and Belgium are now open

Ilaria Chieruzzi
Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We are happy to inform you that, today, all the portals of the Spanish speaking countries are now open. With the opening of the Belgian portal, we have also increased the number of portals for the French speaking countries.

By the end of September, also the portals in German will be available.

You can advertise your training courses for free in all the countries, as long as you register in the portal of each country.

We continue our expansion abroad

Ilaria Chieruzzi
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We are happy to inform you that our portal is now online also in the following countries:

You can advertise your training courses for free in all the countries, as long as you register in the portal of each country.

Social Buttons: Google '+1' and Facebook 'Like'

Daniela Tedeschi
Sunday, August 28, 2011

There are many “social buttons” on the web and they are very popular. CourseForMe has been using for longtime the “share” button from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

They are useful to advertise what we like and what we want to suggest to other users through the most popular social networks.

Recently, Google has introduced the button "+1", which is similar to "Like" from Facebook and it’s a way to say that something is really interesting or that you want to suggest it.

What makes these buttons innovative is that “+1” and “Like” influence the results of the searches made respectively with Google and Bing and so they can increase the number of the applications for the courses published on CourseForMe.

In order to capitalize the advantages, CourseForMe has inserted “+1” and “Like” in the pages of the courses, of the training centres and of the categories. We suggest you to invite your students to click on “+1” and “Like” both on the pages of your courses and on the one of your training centre.

Please, don’t forget “+1” and “Like” on our new blog!

How to improve the effectiveness of your courses in CourseForMe

Daniela Tedeschi
Thursday, August 25, 2011

to improve the visibility of the courses you inserted in our portal, we would like to suggest some simple but extremely important guidelines to follow:

  • the course title should not be longer than 65 characters
  • try to differentiate as much as possible the information about your course in our portal, compared to the one you might have posted on your website or on other portals similar to ours
  • insert the courses in the correct category and use the most relevant keywords, avoiding to be too general
  • when you provide all the course details, try to give all the information, in order to answer thoroughly to the following queries:
    1. Why chosing your course instead of one of your competitors?
    2. What does make it different from your competitors' courses?
    3. What level of subject (or subjects) knowledge will the students achieve attending your course?
    4. Which are the advantages?
  • try to be as much exhaustive as possible while filling all the fields of the course description

An automatic system assigns an efficiency percentage to each course, based on the information inserted in the course sheet.

It also highlights those lacking a detailed description, so the higher the percentage assigned, the easier will be for the users to find that course.

If, as shown in the figure, you have some courses with less of 50% of efficiency, you'd better provide more details in order to obtain a higher efficency percentage.

The blog of CourseForMe is now online

Giuseppe Albucci
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CourseForMe was created to ease the relationship between students and training centres, providing useful and innovative services.

Today, we keep doing it launching our blog.

The blog aims to be a reference about all the issues regarding CourseForMe, but also to inform you about the main events occurring in the training world. Through our blog you will have the chance to interact with our staff.

Your opinion is an integral part of our project. That is why we ask you to cooperate with us, proposing improvements to the services which are already available on our portal, or suggesting new useful functions that might be implemented.

If you want you can make comments on events or information which we will be pleased to share with you and all the other blog users.

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