Short description: one more chance to make people choose your courses

Daniela Tedeschi
Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recently, CourseForMe introduced the new field called “Short description” for all the courses. Let’s have a look in detail to what it is useful for and how it can be used to increase the number of requests.

The new field “Short description” is a short text, whose maximum size is of 200 characters describing the main features of the courses. Its content is passed to the search engine, in order to be used in the results of the search.

The words chosen by the users in the search engine (or those having a similar meaning) which will be found in the description of your course will be shown in bold.

In the results of the search engine, the content of this field will be placed right below the title of the page (highlighted in the image).

Inserting in the “Short description” field meaningful sentences corresponding to what appears in the search, increases the chances of receiving requests because the course will be more visible.

An eye catching sentence or one well structured matching the webpage of your course will lead to more accesses compared to the course pages of your competitors, even if they have a better position in the search results.

The search engine can choose to use the sentence suggested by CourseForMe or another text, that is why it is important to write well structured sentences, rather than a list of keywords.

The content of the field “Short description” is not used by the search engine for the page ranking, but it can contain something that might boost the click.

We suggest you to add the information in this new field as soon as possible. You only need to follow the procedure to edit a course.

Social Buttons: Google '+1' and Facebook 'Like'

Daniela Tedeschi
Sunday, August 28, 2011

There are many “social buttons” on the web and they are very popular. CourseForMe has been using for longtime the “share” button from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

They are useful to advertise what we like and what we want to suggest to other users through the most popular social networks.

Recently, Google has introduced the button "+1", which is similar to "Like" from Facebook and it’s a way to say that something is really interesting or that you want to suggest it.

What makes these buttons innovative is that “+1” and “Like” influence the results of the searches made respectively with Google and Bing and so they can increase the number of the applications for the courses published on CourseForMe.

In order to capitalize the advantages, CourseForMe has inserted “+1” and “Like” in the pages of the courses, of the training centres and of the categories. We suggest you to invite your students to click on “+1” and “Like” both on the pages of your courses and on the one of your training centre.

Please, don’t forget “+1” and “Like” on our new blog!


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