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Sam Hospitality Academy
Sam Hospitality Academy

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We facilitate on more than 30 CATHSSETA Approved unit standards. Clients can mix and match our courses to meet their needs.
All Hospitality, Hotel, Lodge, Resort, Restaurant and Guesthouse staff members
Hospitality, Hotel, Lodge, Resort, Restaurant and Guesthouse and jobs worldwide.
Method:Blended learning
Duration:10 Day
Requirements:Both the aspiring and current hospitality staff.
Internship:We assist with internships from surrounds hotels, restaurants and guesthouse
Students per class:30

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Course program

Provide customer service
Maintain health, hygiene and professional appearance
Maintain a safe and secure working environment
Maintain effective working relationships with other members of staff
Communicate verbally
Maintain a booking system
Deal with the arrival of customers
Receive and process reservations
Handle mail, messages and written communication
Provide customer information and book external services
Provide a housekeeping service within designated area of work
Maintain housekeeping supplies
Maintain a clean linen supply
Provide an on-premise laundry service
Launder guest clothes
Provide a valet service
Control linen for external laundry
Co-ordinate the greeting and assisting of guests on arrival and departure
Store and handle customer and establishment property
Provide a collection and delivery service
Prepare, service and clear function rooms
Clean and maintain public areas
Maintain the portering/ concierge service
Audit financial procedures/ conduct a night audit
Maintain practices and procedure for handling cash/ cash equivalents
Prepare and clear areas for table service
Provide a table service
Provide a table drink service
Handle and maintain utensils and equipment
Handle and store food
Provide a room service
Serve bottled wines
Operate a payment point and process payments
Prepare and clear areas for drinks service
Provide a drinks service for licensed premises
Process incoming and outgoing telephone calls
Maintain the receipt, storage and issue of goods
Maintaining effective working relationships

Course location

Sam Hospitality Academy

Whether you are planning to start a career in the hospitality industry, or your are looking to refresh your skills, learn the techniques or learn how to entice your guests like a professional, then you are at the right place. Our training is very unique and involves not just the theory but also practicals. Our qualified trainers are effective at teaching hospitality concepts, and we've developed our curriculum using modern day methods!

Why Sam Hospitality? We are hands on, affordable, experienced, convenient; we travel to any location to train your staff at the convenience of your environment, and we assist with job placement opportunities!

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