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Event Decorating Academy®
Event Decorating Academy®

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At the Event Decorating Academy® you will learn the skills necessary to become a successful Certified Event Decorator® simply by attending our comprehensive & educational two-week, twelve-day course. The EDA is Nationally and Internationally recognized as the first and largest school in our industry. There is no other establishment that will over you what we offer.

While others may attempt to copy us, using similar sounding names and certifications, we are the only established school that can provide the Certified Event Decorator® certification.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of education. At the EDA you will learn hands-on decorating, building the actual decor as you would while decorating an actual event. The Event Decorating Academy is open year-round in a permanent,dedicated facility in South Florida. We are recognized by the US Government Department of Education as a Training certification school.

Here at EDA we learn something new everyday, a full day of one on one hands on education, we have different rooms for different classes such as the Ballon room, Fabric Draping area so MORE!
There is so much to learn and see here at EDA.

We offer so many new and fun innovative ideas to boost your knowledge in the Event Decorating Business from weddings to kid functions we have it all packed down and ready to show you.
We strive in perfection and spend our dedicated time teaching each student. Our award winning one of a kind instructor has been featured in numerous television shows and has received an outstanding amount of awards for her one of a kind work. She is dedicated to her students and has a passion for what she does here at the Event Decorating Academy.

Each students will receive literature books along with they classes which our own instructor has spend countless time creating and perfecting each sections. These books are only for our students and within them are all the secrets and step by step guide lines to having an outstanding business and perfecting your work.
Course code:CED-12DBI
Type:Certificate Programs
Method:In a classroom
Duration:12 Day
Total hours of lesson:96
Requirements:All levels of experience from beginner to advanced. A passion for event decorating and a strong eager to learn and become successful in this industry. Our only requirement is for the student to come in ready to learn we have a multi cultural classroom with students from all over the world. We require each and everyone to be respectful and dedicated to their work. Here at EDA we only what the best for our students and we treat each and everyone with the upmost respect and care.
Students per class:16

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Course program

This educational program focuses on teaching all the necessary basic techniques to start or improve your business. The classes are step-by-step, hands on training to insure you have the experience to do it on your own. While you learn hands-on, you will be taking pictures of the designs to begin building your portfolio. The goal for this course is to make you great event designer by teaching you all the necessary techniques to incorporate all the different aspects of decorating to better serve your clients.

This program will teach all the necessary techniques to start or expand your business in the event decorating industry as well as having the proper credentials to be competitive in this growing market. You will learn how to coordinate every detail leading up to your event.
You will achieve proficiency in the major elements of event decor during this  two week, 12 day intensive course. Our courses are hands on, building actual event decor and include centerpieces, props, floral design and more.

Certified Event Decorator Course Includes:

101EB-CED - Event Business Management,
101-EFD-CED - Event Floral Designs 1
102EFD-CED - Event Floral Designs 2
101FD-CED - Fabric Draping 1
102FD-CED - Fabric Draping 2
101CD-CED - Centerpieces Designs 1
101WP-CED - Wood Props Designs 1
101SPL-CED - Styrofoam Theme Props
101BNL-CED - Names & Logos Designs 1
101BD-CED - Balloon Decor 1
102BD-CED - Balloon Decor 2
101BS-CED - Balloon Sculptures 1

Designed for: Our classes are geared to the entrepreneur who wants to add different decorating services, such as fabric draping, balloon decorating, theme props, or floral design to their offerings. It is also a great course for people that want to change career and wish to start a new business. No prior decorating experience necessary.

Course location

Event Decorating Academy®

Event Decorating Academy [EDA]offers world class education for the event decorating professionals as well as those aspiring to become professional event decorators.  Our facility is located in Hollywood Florida, just north of Miami. 
Our exclusive education has prepared professionals from across the world for new levels of leadership in the event industry.  Here you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the business successfully and develop your own broad vision and capacity for decision-making and skilled execution.
We invite you to be part of the EDA Education vision when you walk through our doors. We know you will leave our academy capable of creating decor that will wow your clients as well as the basic business knowledge necessary to succeed.

The EDA provides a unique learning environment offering training for:
Balloon Decorations • Fabric draping • Floral designs  • Props & painting  • Centerpieces • Kids birthday parties • Event business management and more.
Our curriculum offers a combination of different styles of event decorating classes for entry level beginners to advanced professionals who wish to improve their businesses with new techniques and designs. Most importantly, we teach you how to profitably run a decorating business, how to price, market and build a professional portfolio. 

The Certified Event Decorator® Designation
At the Event Decorating Academy® you will learn the skills necessary to become a successful Certified Event Decorator® by attending our comprehensive two week, twelve day course. The EDA is nationally and internationally recognized as the first and largest school in our industry.  
This course includes:
Event Business Management, Event Floral Designs 1, Event Floral Designs  2, Fabric Draping 1, Fabric Draping 2, Centerpieces Designs 1, Wood Theme Props Designs 1, Styrofoam Theme Props & Lighting 1, Balloon Names & Foam Logos Designs 1, Balloon Decor 1, Balloon Decor  2, and Balloon Sculptures 1

We strive to achieve the highest standards of education. At the EDA you will learn hands on decorating, building the actual decor as you would while decorating an actual event.

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