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This hands-on training concentrates on beginners to intermediate Computer Aided Design concepts and commands designed to increase productivity.
Entry Level Computer Aided Designer, Computer Aided Designer (Fundamental CAD), Drafter
Type:Certificate Programs
Method:In a classroom
Duration:3 Months
Total hours of lesson:60
Accreditation:Licensed New York State Private Career School
Requirements:Basic computer knowledge
Internship:This Hands-on course do not required any Internship
Students per class:5

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Course program

This hands-on training concentrates on beginners to intermediate Computer Aided Design concepts and commands designed to increase productivity. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to confidently create, edit, manipulate, analyze, manage dimension, and plot production 2D and 3D drawings, specifications and applications.

Objective: To train students for entry-level CAD drafter and application specialist positions in any of the architectural, civil, or mechanical industries. The program will provide skills and knowledge in different areas of drafting with an emphasis in computer-aided design. Graduates will be employable to assist architects or civil engineers in the design of residential and commercial structures or aid mechanical engineers in creating and layouts of various types of equipment and :
* Develop a basic understanding of AutoCAD system usage.
* Become familiar with the AutoCAD User Interface.
* Become familiar with AutoCAD menus, toolbars and command line input. Accurately utilize AutoCAD drawing, specification or application setup techniques.
* Create 2D and 3D drawings using drawing creations tools and techniques.
* Understand and use the current practices of geometry editing techniques.
* Manipulate the display commands properly.
* Properly dimension and annotate drawings.
* Gather drawing information by using inquiry techniques application support.
* Develop an understanding of proper plotting techniques.
* Develop a level of comfort and confidence with AutoCAD, Inventor and Solidworks through hands-on experiences.

Course location

SAM Career Center

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