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Test Automation with Selenium Training Course - Washington D.C.

Selenium IDE IDE features Building test cases Creating test suites Executing tests Extending IDE functionality Selense commands Debugging Cross browser testing Troubleshooting Editing tests using an HTML editor Regular expressions Understand various locators (Xpath, ID etc) Regression testing with minimum changes Best practices, TIPs Understand current test suite Testing AJAX appli
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Onsite | 14 Hour

Introduction to Selenium Training Course - Washington D.C.

Selenium Overview Purpose of Selenium Selenium IDE Using the Selenium IDE Recording and Playbacking Test Cases Test Case Verification Working with Test Suites Test Case HTML Reports Selenium 2 WebDriver Setup Configuration with Eclipse Setting up Helper Files Setting up Templates Selenium 2 Test Scripts Setting Up Test Scripts in Eclipse Locating Web Elements Conversion of...
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Onsite | 7 Hour
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