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Practical navigation with maps, compass and terrain. Learn to find your way in the wilderness, using simple practical skills
Short courses | 3 Hour

Italian junior programme 14+ in Florence

EUROPASS centro studi europeo
Learn Italian while being immersed in the culture of one of Italy's most beautiful cities! Florence is located in the nothern region of Tuscany, and draws visitors from around the world seeking the art and history of this city that sparked...
In a classroom | 2 Weeks

Italian Golf Course

Learn Italy USA LLC
Study Italian while learning Golf! An amazing learning experience. No need to say more!
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Blended learning | 6 Hour


Learn Italy USA LLC
The music of Italian Opera so perfectly fits with the words that one can use it to teach the flow, the inflections, and the word-pointing of well spoken Italian.
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Blended learning | 6 Hour
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