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Macintosh OS X - Intro

Learn the Mac operating system fundamentals from the ground up. Create and organize files and folders. Discover how to use multiple applications a the same time and share data among them. An essential beginning course.
In a classroom | 3 Hour

Mavericks 101: OS X Support Essentials

Manhattan Edit Workshop
OS X Mavericks Support Essentials is a three-day, hands-on course that provides an in-depth exploration of troubleshooting on OS X Mavericks. This course is designed to give students a tour of the breadth of OS X Mavericks and the best methods...
In a classroom | 3 Day

Mavericks 201: OS X Server Essentials

Manhattan Edit Workshop
Mac OS X Server Essentials is a three-day course designed to give technical coordinators and entry-level system administrators the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement and maintain a network that uses Mac OS X Server. Students learn how to install and...
In a classroom | 3 Day

Mavericks 101+201: Apple Certified Technical Coordinator Bootcamp

Manhattan Edit Workshop
The Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC) Boot Camp is a combined delivery of the Mavericks 101 and Mavericks 201 courses. The OS X Support Essentials 10.9 Exam and the OS X Server Essentials Exam are also included with the class. This...
In a classroom | 5 Day
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