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Online French classes

French A la Carte School of French
Courses are customized. We offer A1 / A2, B1 / B2, C1 / C2 classes for general French. Students can also choose a business French class, a class about French art, a test preparation class or a program to brush up...
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Online | 8 Weeks

OnlineEnglish TOEIC Test Preparation Course

OnlineEnglish TOEIC Test Preparation
OnlineEnglish.EU offer preparation for the TOEIC listening and reading, TOEIC speaking and writing and the TOEIC 4 skills test. One membership will allow you to do all courses, therefore you can get much more practice using and learning English than most...
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Online | 3 Months

Spanish Lessons by Skype

This a Spanish lesson course by Skype. It´s a one to one lesson. My name is Cynthia. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires. I´m 33 years old and i have been teaching to people all around the world for 7...
Online | 1 Hour

IELTS Face-To-Face Course for Nurses.

Institute of Health and Management
IELTS Face-To-Face is a mix of the traditional face-to-face teaching approach and the self-directed online approach. This learning course is flexible and easily adaptable to your learning needs. During the weekly face-to-face sessions we make sure that you get a first-hand...
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Online | 5 Day

Online IELTS Course for Nurses

Institute of Health and Management
We offer a 36 week Online IELTS training course which will fully prepare you to face the IELTS exam with confidence. Our course is aimed at preparing students for the IELTS tests, which set the bar for testing English communication abilities...
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Online | 36 Weeks

Certificate in English Grammar (online)

The Irish Academy
Our Certificate in English Grammar course (online) covers the structure of sentences; the roles of nouns/verbs/adverbs; the function of punctuation; the parts played by participles/gerunds/conjunctions.If you write for a living, or edit, or proofread, or just have a love of the...
Online | 14 Weeks

English for healthcare professionals Course for Nurses

Institute of Health and Management
English for healthcare professionals are designed for those who would like to improve their English while continuing to work or study at home. Medical professionals must have the ability to speak, understand, read and write English because you have to meet different...
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Online | 5 Day
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