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UNIX Fundamentals and SHELL Programming

SAM Career Center
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the UNIX (Solaris) / LINUX user services and utilities and introduces the shell programming. Programmer, System Administrator, Database Administrator, SQL Developer, Application Developer, QA Specialist Employment
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In a classroom | 2 Months

Perl Scripting Training

Microsyss Institute of Technologies
Training Provided by Real Time Professional having more than 9+ years of experience. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: • Manipulate files and directories • Use arrays and array functions to solve a wide variety of problems • Use the powerful regular expression capabilities...
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In a classroom | 30 Hour

Git for Users Training Course

Git Overview Installing Git Short History of Git What is Git? Git Concepts Focus and Design Git Object Types The Git Data Model Branching and Merging The Treeish The Git Directory Working Directory The Index Non-SCM Uses of Git Git in Practice Setting Up Your Profile Getting a Git Repository Normal Workflow Examples Log - the Commit History Browsing Git Searching...
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Onsite | 7 Hour

Comprehensive Git Training Course

Git Basics Introduction to Git Git Repository Recording Changes to the Repository Viewing the Commit History Undoing Things Tagging Git Branching Branching and Merging Brance Management Branching Workflows Remote Branches Rebasing Git on the Server The Protocols Getting Git on a Server Generating SSH Public Key Setting up the Server Public Access Hosted Git (GitHUB) Working wit
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Onsite | 21 Hour

Advanced R Programming Training Course

R's environment Object oriented programming in R S3 S4 Reference classes Performance profiling Exception handling Debugging R code Creating R packages Unit testing C/C++ coding in R SEXPRs Calling dynamically loaded libraries from R Writing and compiling C/C++ code from R Improving R's performance with C++ linear algebra library
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Onsite | 7 Hour

Embedded Systems Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore

Cira Services
Cira provides Embedded System Training through Real Time Trainers having more than 8+ years of experience. Embedded Systems a. Embedded C b. Embedded C++ c. Embedded Linux d. Device Drivers e. ARM Processors f. Kernel Programming Duration 120hrs Fee - 8,000
In a classroom | 120 Hour
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