International Restoration Institute
International Restoration Institute

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Type:Certificate Programs
Duration:40 Hour
Accreditation:IRI, ACAC

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We have spent years developing this restoration management course to provide our students with the information that they need to be successful!
We provide restoration management topics and tools to help implement them.
We cover all of the areas required so you can be successful.

Our Disaster Restoration Management chapters were designed to help you complete your restoration project with success.
Restoration Management is a key element in completing a project in a timely and cost effective manner.
Use our course as a tool and implement the information with confidence.
Even if you have restoration management experience our course will help you to improve.

The Disaster Estimator Specialist Online course includes 8 online modules with topics that include:

Estimation Theory
Construction Management
Types of Restoration Estimate's
Types of contracts needed for specific restoration projects
Implementing Restoration contracts
Line item Estimating
Time and material formulas
Learn how to package and prepare documentation for your estimate
Project Management
Project Risk
Delay and Cost Over Run
Project Planning
Construction Permits
Sub-contractor Management
Personal Property Procedures
Workplace Safety
Site Safety
Restoration Collection Practices
Construction Topics
Construction liens
and many more topics

We also have included our restoration resources links so you can find insurance program applications so you can find work, equipment suppliers and estimating software and books.

Each module also includes a PDF so you can print each module out or save it to your mobile phone for future reference!

Purchase of this course includes test fee, registration fee, enrollment key and certification
When you purchase this course you will receive an e-mail with your enrollment key and instructions for the online campus.
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All courses and exams are provided on our online campus!

Restoration Management Certification
Disaster Estimation Specialist, DES

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International Restoration Institute

We provide fire restoration, water restoration, mold remediation and other online restoration certifications.

We offer an alternative so you can study certification courses without the extra costs.

You can Study at your pace with no time limit or restrictions.

All courses follow EPA, OSHA and ACAC guidelines.

There are more than 2,000 certified professionals in the United States, Canada and overseas. They work in fields like Water Damage, Structural Drying, Mold inspection, mold remediation and many more!

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