Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicines (N.D./N.M.D.)

Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
Indian Board of Alternative Medicine

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Method:Correspondance courses
Duration:18 Months
Accreditation:Registered by the Government of West Bengal under Act XXVI based on the Central Government Act XXI of 1860.
Requirements:Eligibility / Pre-Requisite: Those persons who have passed any degree course from an authentic institution. OR Those persons who have completed the M.B.B.S., D.M.S., D.H.M.S., B.H.M.S., B.A.M.S., B.A.S.M., B.E.M.S., B.I.A.M.S., B.N.Y.T., B.A.T.S., B.U.M.S., B.Sc., N.O., M.D(A.M) etc. *Practitioners/Research Workers who are practicing for the last 10 years. Minimum basic qualification is exempted.

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Course program

Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine (N.D./N.M.D.) distance learning course conducted by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine is highly recommended for those pursuing an education in medical and health professions to prepare them with the knowledge and utility of various modalities of natural healing such as acupuncture, botanical medicine, nutrition, physical medicine, psychological counseling and a comparative study of ayurveda, homeopathy, conventional medicine and nature cure. It prepares the students for an exhaustive knowledge and practice in all aspects of alternative and complementary medicine treating the body, mind and soul to gain health and happiness.

Medium of instruction: English.


First Semester

1.History, Philosophy and Principles of Naturopathy
2.Natural Health and Hygiene
3.Natural Dietetics and Nutrition
4.Anatomy and Physiology (Human Body Structure and Functions)
5.First Aid (Emergencies)
6.Methods of Nature Cure (Hydrotherapy, Choromotherapy, Heliotherapy, Fasting, etc.)
7.Pathology and Laboratory Diagnosis
8.Acupressure, Reflexology and Acupuncture

Second Semester

2.Botanical / Herbal Medicine
3.Yoga, Meditation, Massage and Physiotherapy
4.Comparitive Studies of Modern Medicine, Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Naturopathy
5.Medical Jurisprudence and Ethics
6.Gynaecology, Embryology and Maternity
7.Clinical Diagnosis
8.Management of Health Problems ( Health Solutions ).

Study Materials: Lessons on the eight subjects of each semester are sent by air mail.

National (Indian) students - Tentative duration within which Indian students can expect to receive their study materials is 2 weeks.

International students - Tentative duration within which International students can expect to receive their study materials is 3 weeks.

Examination: There will be sixteen papers in two semesters of 9 months each and each semester will have 8 papers. The student will be asked to answer the same at his place of residence.

The student is allowed a certain amount of time to study the lessons following which question papers are mailed to the student. All the question papers have to be solved and the answers sent to the Institute for evaluation.

A N.D. / N.M.D. Certificate and Marksheet (Transcript) is awarded to the successful students.

Indian Board of Alternative Medicine

Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (Internationally Recognized Legally Constituted Largest Institution) is an internationally acclaimed pioneer Institution of Alternative, Complementary and Holistic Medicines with more than 80,000 students from all over the world. Registered by the Government of West Bengal under Act XXVI based on the Central Government Act XXI of 1860.

True to its motto, "Indigenous Roots, Global Pursuits", the Board has brought alternative medicines to the attention of the masses and trained thousands of students in India and abroad through its various courses in the different disciplines of alternative medicines such as acupressure, acupuncture, aromatherapy, electro homeopathy, naturopathy, biochemical medicine, reiki, etc. to further facilitate the study of alternative medicines and provide a high standard of educational programs.

It would not be an exaggeration to state that despite the consistent advance of western medicine, affordable and effective health care is still beyond the reach of vast sections of the world's population, particularly those residing in the developing world. A few decades ago, it was generally assumed by the scientific community that medicinal plants, homeopathic doses, acupuncture needles, yoga etc. could be safely relegated to no more than a footnote of medical history. But this assumption has indeed turned out to be a very premature one. During the past two decades, the upsurge in herbology, acupressure, acupuncture and yoga etc. across the world has been phenomenal. This renewed interest has generated an international awareness on the richness and importance of the subject. It is to cater to this interest and the need for trained practitioners in the field of alternative medicines that the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines offers a variety of multi level courses in alternative medicines.

The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is a leading educational academy, which offers a high standard of academic programs via means of regular classes and distance education, in the various alternative therapies. With a past and present student strength of around 80,000, the Institute's courses - diploma, bachelor certification and post graduate on acupressure, acupuncture, aroma therapy, biochemic medicines, indo allopathic, electro homeopathy, naturopathy, oriental medicine, yoga, reiki etc. are pursued in increasing number by students from all over the country and worldwide.

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