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This is an introduction to basic concepts and methods employed by Financial Industry. Students will learn the Fundamentals and Financial Instruments for Economics and Financial Markets.
Entry-Level Business Analyst, Entry-Level Financial Analyst, Any Occupation in Financial Industry which Do not required Special Financial Education.
Employment in Financial Industry
Type:Certificate Programs
Method:In a classroom
Duration:3 Months
Accreditation:Licensed New York State Private Career School
Requirements:4 years college degree or equivalent
Internship:This Hands-on course do not required any Internship
Students per class:8

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Course program

This course introduces students to basic concepts and methods employed by financial industry. Students will learn the fundamentals for Economics and Financial Markets. Financial instruments will be analyzed in great level of detail including valuation models discussed in class and drilled down individually by students in their homework. Major processing streams of financial institutions will be discussed to familiarize students with problems and issues experienced by investments banks and broker/dealer community. Classes towards the end of the semester will be focused on business analysis that combines product knowledge with technical expertise in a skill set that is used by project managers throughout the industry.

Upon completing this course and to demonstrate competency in this course, the students will be able to:
• Understand the basic concepts of Economics and Financial Analysis
• Use the terminology utilized by Wall Street to describe concepts of various degrees of difficulty
• Employ their knowledge of financial products in their work and everyday life
• Analyze problems while recognizing similarities and differences of financial products involved
• Understand the basic processing streams within the investment community
• Appreciate basic business analysis techniques and tools and employ them in solution of their everyday problems

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SAM Career Center

SAM Consulting Services, Inc. (d/b/a SAM Career Center) was founded in 1993 by a team of experienced Information Technology and Human Resources professionals. Over this period of time our firm has grown into one of the Tri-State area most respected job skills training and job readiness training organizations. Currently SAM Consulting Services is a registered in NY State Business School specializing in advanced Computer, Finance and Business training.

Among our most significant achievements are:
- Licensed as a New York State Business School
- Approved as a Vocational Type of Institution (Visa M-1) for Foreign students
- Approved by NYS Department of State as Real Estate Training Provider
- Approved as a Work Force Training Provider by State of New York and New Jersey
- Approved as a Training Institution of New York State Division of Veterans Affairs
- Approved as a Microsoft IT Academy in 2011
- Developed about 50 various IT and Business related programs

Our programs are selected on the basis of industry trends and ongoing market demands and continuously receive a high rate of employers satisfaction.

SAM Career Center offers various free classes and seminars, such as ESL courses and City Jobs preparation seminars.

In 1999 SAM Consulting Services, Inc. was merged with PowerSelf Corp, a placement and consulting services company to offer a full range of IT related services for its clients including Consulting, Development, Placement and Training.

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