Graduate degree courses

ECO 500 Psychology of Global Citizenship (2 credits)

A sensory-ecology course, which explores counseling and healing with nature, correcting and renewing ways of natural systems within and around us. Understanding and teaching ecologically sound nature connecting methods Those who love nature
Distance learning | 16 Weeks

EDU 504 Human Resource Management in Education (3 credits)

Participants examine staffing decisions in educational programs and review staff selection, administrative functions, legal issues, strategies for promotion and conflict resolution. Advancement as a leader in education and training Educational leaders
Distance learning | 16 Weeks

MGT 570 Women Entrepreneurs and New Venture Formation (3 credits)

This is an intensive study of concepts, tools, methods, and theories in women entrepreneurship and new venture formation, covering small business management financing, marketing, and managing. The program is especially suited to women who want to own or assume a management position...
Distance learning | 16 Weeks

MGT 571 Businesses Women Prefer (3 credits)

Participants examine details of small businesses which women prefer. home and Internet businesses, family businesses. Topics cover generation of new business ideas and opportunities. intended for students who are prospective entrepreneurs and those interested in being entrepreneurial supporters (bankers, venture capitalists, lawyers,...
Distance learning | 16 Weeks

Women in Leadership (3 credits)

Explores issues of women in leadership within the general business and social environments, the new role of women in leadership, the emergence of the new organizational culture. The program is especially suited to women who want to own or assume a management...
Distance learning | 16 Weeks

Football Management Degree

Our syllabus targets the football industry. It is taught by Johan Cruyff Institute via its Online Campus and it aims to provide the necessary tools to master all aspects of football management without time or location constraints. As a student, you will...
Online | 8 Months

6 Weeks Live Project BAsed industrial Internship at HCL-CDC NOIDA

HCL Invites Applications for 6 weeks to 6 Months industrial Training for BE,B.Tech,MCA students in noida.Now HCL the real IT giants offers Limited seats For Industrial Project Training & Internship . The Live Project Training modules of our course can make...
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Blended learning | 6 Weeks