Hadoop Administration on MapR Training Course


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Duration:32 Hour
Total hours of lesson:7
Requirements:Pc/Laptop with 2 gb/4gb/8gb ram of any make. If possible linux installed. Or should hve oracle vm box installed with different linux machines setup(any distribution) Good internet connection if online. Softwares like team viewer, go webinar tools if online mode of training.
Students per class:6

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Course program

Audience: IT professionals who aspire to get into BIG DATA world or want to change their career and move towards open source no sql solutions. This course is for all those who think, big dat/hadoop is all together new technology and difficult to master.

Topics covered:

Big Data Overview:

What is Big Data
Why Big Data is gaining popularity
Big Data Case Studies
Big Data Characteristics
Solutions to work on Big Data.
Hadoop & Its components:

What is Hadoop and what are its components.
Hadoop Architecture and its characteristics of Data it can handle /Process.
Brief on Hadoop History, companies using it and why they have started using it.
Hadoop Frame work & its components- explained in detail.
What is HDFS and Reads -Writes to Hadoop Distributed File System.
How to Setup Hadoop Cluster in different modes- Stand- alone/Pseudo/Multi Node cluster.
This includes setting up Hadoop cluster in VM BOX/VMware, Network configurations that need to be carefully looked into, running Hadoop Daemons and testing the cluster.

What is Map Reduce frame work and how it works.
Running Map Reduce jobs on Hadoop cluster.
Understanding Replication , Mirroring and Rack awareness in context of Hadoop clusters.
Hadoop Cluster Planning:

How to plan your hadoop cluster.
Understanding hardware-software to plan your hadoop cluster.
Understanding workloads and planning cluster to avoid failures and perform optimum.
What is MapR and why MapR :

Overview of MapR and its architecture.
Understanding & working of MapR Control System, MapR Volumes , snapshots & Mirrors.
Planning a cluster in context of MapR.
Comparision of MapR with other distributions and Apache Hadoop.
MapR installation and cluster deployment.
Cluster Setup & Administration

Managing services, nodes ,snapshots, mirror volumes and remote clusters.
Understanding and managing Nodes.
Understanding of Hadoop components, Installing Hadoop components alongside MapR Services.
Accessing Data on cluster including via NFS Managing services & nodes.
Managing data by using volumes, managing users and groups, managing & assigning roles to nodes, commissioning decommissioning of nodes, cluster administration and performance monitoring, configuring/ analyzing and monitoring metrics to monitor performance, configuring and administering MapR security.
Understanding and working with M7- Native storage for MapR tables.
Cluster configuration and tuning for optimum performance.
Cluster upgrade and integration with other setups.

Upgrading software version of MapR and types of upgrade.
Configuring Mapr cluster to access HDFS cluster.
Setting up MapR cluster on Amazon Elastic Mapreduce.
All the above topics include Demos and practice sessions for learners to have hands on experience on the technology.

Other topics on administration can be included ,as per requirements.

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