24 sessions (48 Hours)
+ minimum 10 Hours of Studio based practice
Duration: 3 months (Part Time)
Timings: 2-Hr Classes, 2 days per week
Mode: Group Format
Class size – 6 to 7 students

Course Description:
At I Love Music, we believe that DJs are the musicians of the future. These artists must have a unique vision to take individual tracks and mix them into one organic, seamless flow. Dance music is a huge part of the music industry today, and DJs take centre-stage at all kinds of events—from clubs to fashion shows to live performances. As the business itself is developing, the avenues for DJs are quickly expanding. Whether they choose to specialize in one part of the technique or the process as a whole, professional DJs now have many potential avenues within this fresh and exciting industry.
In Pro DJ course at I Love Music Academy, students are taught how to mix on Vinyl, CD Players, and Digital Software, and are also shown how to make a name for themselves and really stand out in the scene. The business of music, marketing, and events make up an integral part of this program.

At the end of the Pro DJ course, selected students organize their own event at a commercial venue, where they will have a chance to perform and gain the real-world experience of playing to a crowd.
Students are prescribed 10 hours of DJ Studio Practice time during the course. However we want our students to excel as DJs and give them as much time as possible. Therefore even though 10 Hours of DJ Studio practice are included in the course, (at our discretion) we open up access to a status of unlimited practice time during the course of the program, provided they make advance bookings. Please refer to the academy Rules & Regulations for bookings.


35 sessions (70 Hours)
+ Studio based projects
Duration: 4 1/2 Months (Part-time)
Timings: 2-Hr Classes, 2 days per week
Mode: Group Format
Class size – 6 to 7 students

Program Description:
Do you dream of making electronic music? The Electronic Music Production program at I Love Music Academy is designed specifically to teach you how to produce music digitally. We’ll show you how to put down and convert your musical ideas into digital tracks on a computer, using a unique and powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), Ableton Live, alongside a wide array of digital instruments and effects.

Electronic music today is a broad category, encompassing many sub-genres ranging from underground experimental art music to popular dance music. What they all have in common, though, is the electronic technology used to make them. This Ableton-exclusive production program will start out with the fundamentals of electronic music and its structure, focusing on the key elements required to construct a track. Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll introduce you to the advanced tools needed to produce your own compositions, as well as the fine art of mixing and mastering them for public release. The course will also explore using ‘synthesis’ to create sounds from scratch, using Ableton Live and various synthesizers and samplers.


144 sessions (288 Hours)
+ Studio based projects
Duration: 1 Year (Full-time)
9Months of Study + 3 months internship
Timings: 2-Hr Classes, 4 days per week
Mode: Group Format
Class size – 6 to 7 students

Program Description
Music surrounds us everywhere – on the TV and radio, at restaurants and bars, even in the elevator you use to get to work everyday. You may not realize it, but this is all part of the world of audio engineering, in which a musician’s creations are ‘produced’ and thereby transformed into the polished tracks on your iPods and radio.
Audio engineers are the future of digital music. With the help of virtual and hardware instruments, engineers use computers to produce their own compositions. As an engineer, you can either specialize in one part of the recording technique or master the entire process, right to the stage when a final project is submitted to a client.
Our comprehensive Audio Engineering course will show you how to put down your ideas and those of other musicians, and record and produce them in a studio to achieve a professional sound.

At I Love Music Academy, we’ll start by covering the theory and different styles of music. Next, we’ll explore the studio recording space, with an emphasis on micing techniques, sound transmission, audio dynamics, and mixing and mastering techniques, both in the analogue and digital realms. Students are taught the ins and outs of 2 DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). All these concepts will be followed up with hands-on projects in which students will need to log in studio time. Our Audio Engineering Studio is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software.

By the conclusion of the Audio engineering course, students at the I Love Music Academy will be able to write their own music as well as engineer a band or a live performance artist in the studio or in a live setting. They will also be equipped to take on the media industry, whether by creating audio for video or radio, or even by writing jingles.

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