Italian Cooking Basic Course 2 weeks - All inclusive formula

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Italian cooking intensive course. The course will be held in Italian with the presence of a simultaneous interpreter of English. A certificate of attendance will be released by the Province of Terni.
Italian cooking technique
The Italian Cooking Basic Course is suitable for any beginner cook who wants to learn and deepen their knowledge about the Italian cooking techniques and its basic principles. The purposes of this course are the perfect knowledge of: how to prepare and cook different kinds of food; the main kitchen tools and how to use them; the techniques to save the flavours and the main nutrients of the materials; how to set and decorate the table.
Method:In a classroom
Duration:2 Weeks
Accreditation:A certificate of attendance will be released by the Province of Terni
Requirements:Passion for cooking, testing ability, aesthetic sense and creativity.
Students per class:14

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Course program

The Chef’s tools - Kitchen tools, essential instruments. Work organisation - How to do food shopping, resources optimization, evaluating the quality of the ingredients, basic procedures and techniques of food preparation, how to correctly read the recipes, conservation techniques. Sauces and soups - How to create the basis, the roux, mother sauces, cold sauces, deglazing, cold dressings, using the basic cooking techniques to prepare sauces and recipes, broth preparation techniques, clear soups, custard bases, consommés, cream soups, rice and its cooking, soup preparation. Handmade pasta and bases -
Preparation techniques: handmade, machine-made, sweet and savoury shortcrust pastries, how to prepare egg pasta. Vegetables - How to wash and cut the vegetables, vegetables cooking techniques: boiled, steamed, glazed, fried, au gratin, pan browned, etc. Meats - Red meat, poultry and white meats: cutting techniques and their use, deboning, breading, cooking techniques: larding, tying, browning, deglazing, etc. Recipes involving different kinds of cuttings and preparations. Fish - Cleaning and filleting, fish preparation techniques, cooking techniques, classic fish fumet, recipes with blue fish, shellfishes, bigger-size fishes, preserved fish. Desserts - Main techniques and preparation of some recipes, the Chef’s secrets and techniques. Mise-en-place and table decoration - Environment, mise-en-place and service, basic rules of the table setting. Professional sommeliers will hold classes on wine testing techniques, sensory analysis and how to pair food and wine.

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Chef Academy

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