Istituto Galilei - intensive Italian language courses in Florence

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A great range of delicious seafood dishes and hand-made pasta are characteristic of our cooking courses. Still, this cooking program gives a great flexibility and can cover also traditional meat dishes as well as pizza and bread making.

Thanks to the high professionalism of our chefs who teach this course, this program is suitable for both beginners as well as professional cooks who wish to specialize in the Italian cuisine.
The aim of the course is to introduce you to the complex world of italian food and wine.

Very competent chefs will train you and share with you aspects of authentical Mediterranean culinary art.

Together with the chef you will prepare the receipts studied.

Each lesson lasts 3 hours
All students receive the certificate of participation
The course will be taugth in English and Italian
The course can be arranged for a single person as well as for a group.
Duration:1 Week
Requirements:The only thing requested for taking our cooking courses, is that you enjoy cooking. No particular requirements nor enrollment in our Italian courses are requested to attend this programm.
Students per class:3

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Contact the person in charge , free and at no obligation, for information on how to register, enrollment limit, availability and more.

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Course program

Our Italian cooking courses organized as one-to-one or in small groups, held in the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in Florence. They are practical courses: the students prepare the dishes studied together with the chef. The chefs who teach the courses are professional cooks with a special flair for teaching, and the courses are suitable for beginners as well as chefs who want to specialize in Italian cuisine.
The course program of one-to-one courses is always adapted to the level and the needs of the student.

The small group courses (3-4 participants) last for a minimum of one week. The period of study for the one-to-one courses is very flexible. At the end of a 4-week course of one-to-one instruction the participant will receive the diploma of "Cuoco di Gala".

For those who wish to know more about the Tuscan wines, we also offer special wine tasting tours, which visit selected wineries in the Chianti and Montalcino area.


Ragu ai funghi
Crostini toscani


Preparation of home-made pizza dough and pasta including how to cut the various pasta types/shapes:


Preparation of the following sauces:

Ragù di carne
Ragù ai funghi


Menu toscano
Pappa al pomodoro
Pollo con olive, spezie e vino bianco
Biancomangiare con salsa

Menu selvaggio
Pappardelle sulla lepre
Quaglie sul crostone
Verdure di stagione

Menu Tutto Mare
Calamari fritti
Risotto allo scoglio
Totani in inzimino

Course location

Istituto Galilei - intensive Italian language courses in Florence

Among the schools for Italian language and culture in Italy, the Galilei Institute is unique in its exclusive specializing in One-to-One, personalized and Small group (max 4 people) full immersion courses specifically designed for professionals, students and everybody who has little time to study but wishes to acquire significant results in a short period of time.

Established in 1985 in the centre of Florence (5 minutes walking from the Cathedral/Duomo), the Galilei Institute attained the highest prestige among language schools in Italy by providing its first class services to the leading companies of the world.

Our students are both business and private people of all nationalities and ages (15 – 80 years), who wish to make the most out of the time they have at disposal for studying the Italian language and culture. 80% of our clients choose to study on an individual basis with our one-to-one courses.

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