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Italian Fashion School Treviso offers Fashion Design Courses for Stylist, Designer, Pattern Making, Dressmaking, Summer and Special Courses. Exclusive Didactic Method, Programs of study, Books, the DIPLOMA - are of Fashion Institute Burgo (Milan). At Italian Fashion School Treviso enrollment open year round for all those who wish to acquire a profession to work in the Fashion Industry. Via Frà Giocondo 47, 31100 Treviso Italy. To find us, type in the browser : trevisofashionschool,
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° FASHION DESIGNER ° DRAWING TECHNIQUES : Basic Figure Drawing Colouring Technique Color Theory Colour rendering Personal Sketching Style COLLECTION : Creativeness Fashion Trends Fashion Collection on Demand Components of a Collection Designing a Personal Collection ° PATTERN MAKING ° TECHNIQUES : Alta Moda (Haute-Couture) Tailor Sewing Techniques Industrial Sewing Methods Planning Techniques PATTERN MAKING : Pattern Making Pattern Lay-Out Finishing Touch Machine Sewing
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