Italian standard course


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Method:Blended learning
Duration:1 Week
Students per class:4

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Course program

INTENSIVE GROUP COURSE program per week:

Morning: 4 hrs language lessons from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with a brief pause.

The desire to include social and cultural information about our Country is a strong motivation to learn the language.
As our land is so rich in nature, archaeology, art, history and traditions, we offer an intense program of cultural activities.

Afternoon: 3 cultural meetings including:
• introduction to Italian literature, cinema or art; alternatively, concerts or cultural shows;
• 1 half day historical-naturalistic excursion;
• 1all day historical-naturalistic excursion to one of the islands of Tuscan Archipelagos.

Course location


The Italian language school Terramare located in Orbetello, Tuscany, offers language and cultural courses with an intensive outdoor program with many cultural activities, as the courses that are held in small groups (not more than 2-6 students) do not only take place in the classroom but all around this lovely city and region: the participants learn the Italian language getting to know the Italian society, taking part in various cultural events and exploring the natural paradise as well as the artistic and cultural treasures of the surrounding area. At Terramare students experience an intensive and unforgettable Italian language holiday.

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