Kitchen assistant with certificate of professional qualification

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Kitchen assistant course. The course will be held in Italian with the presence of a simultaneous interpreter of English. A certificate of qualification legally recognized will be released
This course trains how to enter the catering sector
At the end of the course, the students will be able to manage the issues related to the management of a restaurant for what concerns the specific activity of a kitchen assistant.
Method:In a classroom
Duration:150 Hour
Accreditation:Professional qualification certificate legally recognized released by the Province of Terni.
Requirements:The requirements are: a good aptitude for cooking, will to learn, deepen and master the advanced techniques facing the main topics of the culinary knowledge through the practical preparation of the dishes at a professional level which is suitable for kitchen assistants.
Internship:At the end of the course, a 2-month internship is planned in one of the 100 Italian restaurants, which are our partners. For further information about the list of the restaurants available for the internship, please visit our website
Students per class:14

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Course program

Kitchen assistant with certificate of professional qualification
The course will be held in Italian with the presence of a simultaneous interpreter of English

Tools, Vegetables cutting, Cold starters, Hot starters, Creative starters hot and cold, Eggs cooking, Bread,
How to prepare pizza, Deglazing, First courses: dry pasta, Creative first courses (pasta and rice), First courses: filled pasta, Risottos and gnocchi, Vegetables carving for decoration, Cheeses, Fish types and their processing, Shellfishes and cephalopods, Gastropoda, Meat cuttings and animals, Deboning, cutting and meat preparation, Pork meats, Lamb meats, Birds and farmyard animals, Summarizing class about the meat and assessment test, Side dishes and decorations, Vegetables sculptures, Pastries: basic dough for pastries, Semifreddos, Cooked creams, Dry pastries, Mousses, Soufflés.
Professional sommeliers will hold classes on wine testing techniques, sensory analysis and how to pair food and wine.

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Chef Academy

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