Maintenance and Reliability for Manager - 4 part series

People and Processes, Inc.
People and Processes, Inc.

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By attending this training series, you will be able to define, plan and implement Maintenance and Reliability improvements using the tools and knowledge gained from your interaction in each session.

Plan to attend if you are:
* Senior Executive Management (CEO, President, Vice President)
* Corporate Management (Corporate Maintenance, Corporate Reliability)
* General and Plant Managers (Division Operation Managers, Maintenance Managers, Plant Managers, Area Managers)
* Middle Managers (Technical Director, Engineering Manager, Maintenance Manager)
* First Line Managers (Operations Shift Managers, Maintenance Supervisor, Production Manager)
Course code:MRM
Type:Continuing Education
Method:In a classroom
Duration:12 Day
Accreditation:8.4 CEU University of Tennessee Reliability and Maintainability Center
Requirements:No requirements.

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Course program

Week 1 Feb 28, 2017 -Mar 2, 2017
Week 2 Apr 25, 2017- Apr 27, 2017
Week 3 Jun 13, 2017 - Jun 15, 2017
Week 4 Aug 8, 2017 - Aug 10, 2017

Put what you learn to work for you.

This 4-part curriculum is a fully integrated series designed to educate and provide hands-on interaction for the implementation of proactive
maintenance and reliability behaviors in your manufacturing/facilities work environment. The interrelated parts of the curriculum are
accomplished in 4 separate 3-day workshops with approximately 2-3 months between each workshop allowing the participants the
opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from each preceding workshop.

You will learn:
* The business and financial aspects of how maintenance relates to other functions within your organization. It’s all about the money.
* Organizational change and how leadership differs from management.
* How to become a procedure-based organization to drive manufacturing and facilities process improvement.
* Work management techniques that include proper planning and scheduling activities.
* Different types and approaches to maintenance, and when to apply them.
* How Maintenance improvement is directly involved in other organizational initiatives such as Single Minute Exchange of Die
(SMED), Lean, Six Sigma, Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM).
* Supervisory and people skills along with other management techniques
*How to drive overall equipment reliability improvement and increase capacity

Course location

People and Processes, Inc.

People and Processes, Inc. is an education and consulting services firm dedicated to Maintenance and Operations enhancement. We help our manufacturing and facilities clients by utilizing industry recognized best practices and processes in a holistic site approach.

They can be very different to work with. Since we measure our success on your results, we believe in partnerships with our clients. We are comfortable recommending actions that may not be popular with management. At the same time, we work with your people at all levels to get the job done right. It's about your success.

Our people have worked with clients all over the world, through many successful programs and seminars, in virtually every industry. Our depth comes from not just delivering education and other consulting services, but from actual work experience in facilities just like yours.

Our work generally begins with education. Our seminars provide interfaces to top corporate and site management where we develop partnerships for enhancing maintenance and operations work processes and skills development. The fact that we are dedicated to improving both maintenance and operations separates our firm from many of our peers. Often our work requires fundamental changes in the corporate culture. Our work is most successful when we work closely with clients who are dissatisfied with the status quo

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