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With New Indian and International corporate entering the market, the rate of growth is bound to increase further, creating a huge requirement for trained talent. INLEAD's Healthcare Administration prepares students to manage the administrative aspects of the healthcare facility and explore various career opportunities in this sector. Emphasis is laid on practical training of students through on the job training and industry internships. INLEAD's unique pedagogy and flexible program structure provides for rewarding learning opportunity and allows for personalized academic progression. This is a full time face to face Post graduate research integrated program and the degree is awarded by "Mewar University" in Collaboration with INLEAD.

Jobs in Healthcare
Direct jobs in healthcare sector include the traditional profiles of doctors, nurse and other such healthcare careers. The new and other indirect jobs in healthcare sector include such job openings as those for team managers to supervise HR, Marketing, Health information, Medical billing and such other departments. All that is needed to enter in healthcare careers is healthcare administration degree. As far as growth opportunities of healthcare professionals are concerned, a hospital administrator can rise up to the ladder to be a CEO or the head of department. If ambitious, one establish ones own hospital over time with extended experience gained throughout his and her career. HOwever, this is not the regular nine to five job. Also one should be enough responsible, innovative, compassionate and highly motivated apart from being able to work for long hours.
The recent trend in healthcare industry witnesses medical students going for obtaining a healthcare management degree and bout 50% of healthcare management students are doctores. many pharma companies as well as consumer healthcare and medical devices companies these days prefer to hire doctors as brand managers who generally rise up the ladder to become marketing directors, medical directors, and managing directors.
Course code:MBA-HCA
Method:Full time
Duration:2 Years
Accreditation:MBA Dgree
Requirements:Willing students need to be Graduates with a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent in any discipline. Moreover, they need to be confident personalities with good communication Skills.
Internship:100% Paid Internship in India Top Hospitals in India
Students per class:25

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The Indian healthcare sector is expected to reach US$ 100 billion by 2015 from the current US$ 65 billion, growing at over 20 per cent annually. The hospital services market, which represents one of the most important segments of the Indian healthcare industry, is expected to be worth US$ 81.2 billion by 2015. The private sector has emerged as a vibrant force in India's healthcare industry, lending it both national and international repute. The industry aims to touch US$ 280 billion by 2020, on back of increasing demand for specialized and quality healthcare facilities.

The INLEAD Healthcare Administration Program prepares students to manage the administrative aspects of the healthcare facility and explore lucrative career opportunities in this field. The program modules are developed in consultation with the members of the academia, inputs sought from industry experts and extensive research conducted for understanding the sectoral specialization demands and trends.

The Program provides a gateway into a high growth industry and provides thrust to professionals already working in Healthcare industry to undertake a more responsible role within the organization. The degree for full time M.B.A., P.G.D.M. and Ph.D. Program is awarded by Mewar University in collaboration with INLEAD.

INLEAD's unique pedagogic methodology carries a strong emphasis on practical training through mandatory internship and On Job Training assignments. Exclusive contact programs with renowned hospitals form an integral part of the curriculum providing not only a practical work based learning opportunity but also a first-hand experience of the rigors of the real work environment.

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