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International Restoration Institute

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Type:Certificate Programs
Duration:40 Hour
Accreditation:IRI, ACAC

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In the Disaster Restoration Field you will encounter Mold. International Restoration Institute's online course you will be provided information to help you address the mold issues you may come across in your career. Steps used out in the field are the key components in our course along with the EPA & OSHA guidelines used by Mold Remediation specialists everyday.

This course has 10 modules of studies and quizzes for each module included!


•Mold Assessment
•Health Effects
•Types of Sampling
•Remediation Methods
•Identify Tools and Equipment
•Materials and supplies
•Types of Toxic and Non- Toxic Mold
•Remediation Cleaning Guidelines
•Containment Guidelines
•Containment Construction
•Identify Tools and equipment
•Personal Property Restoration
•Mold Remediation Site Safety
•Communication procedures
•Understanding the Mold protocol
•Mold Inspection Procedures
•Understanding Sick Building syndrome
•Understanding Anti-microbial and biocides applications
•Reading lab results from testing
•Mold testing dynamics

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Mold Remediation Certification
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International Restoration Institute

We provide fire restoration, water restoration, mold remediation and other online restoration certifications.

We offer an alternative so you can study certification courses without the extra costs.

You can Study at your pace with no time limit or restrictions.

All courses follow EPA, OSHA and ACAC guidelines.

There are more than 2,000 certified professionals in the United States, Canada and overseas. They work in fields like Water Damage, Structural Drying, Mold inspection, mold remediation and many more!

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