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Docker for Developers and System Administrators Training Course

What is Docker? Use cases Major components of Docker Docker architecture fundamentals Docker architecture Docker images Docker registry Docker containers The underlying technology Namespaces Control groups Union FS Container format Installation of Docker Installation on Ubuntu via apt-get installation of newer version of Docker Installation on Amazon AWS with CloudInit Docker Hub What is Docker Hub? Registering on Docker Hub Command line login Dockerizing applications The h
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Performance Testing with LoadRunner Training Course

Testing Introduction Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - Stages Various Methodologies in SLDC (Agile, waterfall etc) Functional Testing (Manual/Automation) Various testing's as part of SDLC ( Unit Testing, IST, UAT etc) Performance testing and its importance Performance Testing Concepts Introduction to Performance Testing Various tools available in the market Performance testing Life Cycle Recommendations/Report Scripting, Execution, Analysis Environment set up Test strategy/Pl
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PostgreSQL Administration Training Course

What is PostgreSQL? A Brief History of PostgreSQL Conventions Further Information Bug Reporting Guidelines Introduction to PostgreSQL Installation and Creating Database The SQL Language Advanced Features The SQL Language SQL Syntax Data Definition Data Manipulation Queries Data Types Functions and Operators Type Conversion Indexes Full Text Search Concurrency Control Performance Tips Server Administration Installation from Source Code Installation from Source Code on Windo
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Test Automation with Selenium Training Course

Selenium IDE IDE features Building test cases Creating test suites Executing tests Extending IDE functionality Selense commands Debugging Cross browser testing Troubleshooting Editing tests using an HTML editor Regular expressions Understand various locators (Xpath, ID etc) Regression testing with minimum changes Best practices, TIPs Understand current test suite Testing AJAX applications Handling popup and alerts Flow control Verify page elements Selenium Webdriver Installa
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Introduction to Selenium Training Course

Selenium Overview Purpose of Selenium Selenium IDE Using the Selenium IDE Recording and Playbacking Test Cases Test Case Verification Working with Test Suites Test Case HTML Reports Selenium 2 WebDriver Setup Configuration with Eclipse Setting up Helper Files Setting up Templates Selenium 2 Test Scripts Setting Up Test Scripts in Eclipse Locating Web Elements Conversion of Verification Statements Creating Custom Log Files Creating Test Reports Test Script Enhancement Useful We...
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Apache Solr - Full-Text Search Server Training Course

Introduction Apache Lucene What is Solr Installation Schema and textanalysis Schema modeling schema.xml Configuration Text analysis Working with index Importing data from other resources Indexing documents Quering Solr API Searching Basics of quering Sorting and Filtering Using scroring Functions Request handling Formating Solr response Faceting Advanced topics Configuring and deploying Solr Integrating Solr with other libraries/technologies Search components Solr and sca
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OptaPlanner in Practice Training Course

Planner introduction What is OptaPlanner? What is a planning problem? Use Cases and examples Bin Packaging Problem Example Problem statement Problem size Domain model diagram Main method Solver configuration Domain model implementation Score configuration Travelling Salesman Problem (TSP) Problem statement Problem size Domain model Main method Chaining Solver configuration Domain model implementation Score configuration Planner configuration Overview Solver configuration
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Web Application Performance Testing with JMeter Training

Performance Testing Fundamentals Stress testing Load testing Soak testing Running multiple threads Setting rump-up period Threads and users Distributed Testing Configuring servers Gathering results Submitting Forms Extracting form ID or checksums Generating sequence or random data Getting data from database Recording forms with a JMeter proxy server Submitting data recorded in log files Managing Sessions Session managers Session per thread Session per user Load Distribution
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Agile Project Management with Kanban Training Course

Introduction to Agile Why Agile? What are the main objectives of Agile? How works mechanisms in Agile? How Agile can help? Command & Control vs. Agile Factory model The functioning of canon The functioning of missile Pillars of Kanban Big Picture Process Concepts behind Kanban Kanban Rules Metrics Flow Diagram + technical practices Team work Shared responsibility Self-organization Interdisciplinary Benefit the "right" team work Kanban Board How to visualize process? How
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OCEB2 Fundamental Exam Preparation Training Course

Business Goals, Objectives Business Basics from the purely Business Point of View business fundamentals, strategy planning and goal-setting project management marketing staffing finance Business Process Concepts and Fundamentals Fundamental aspects of Business Processes: identifying (discovering) business processes characteristics of processes as-is process vs. to-be process levels of business process modeling tying business processes to goals and objectives Business Process
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