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International Register of Certified auditors(IRCA) is the Leading professional body for the management system auditors, UK, Over 60,000 delegates attend IRCA certified training courses every year. IRCA has certified more that 14, 750 auditors in over 150 countries worldwide. Many auditors accomplish certified courses to meet the training requirement for IRCA Certification.

Learning Objectives:

The Eight Learning objectives sets out in detail what delegates shall be able execute by the end of the Course. Delegates will need to determine acceptable performance in all the area in order to successfully complete the course, the Eight learning objectives are:

1. Understand the scope and fields of application of the OH&D management systems and standards and where applicable, other criteria and standards against which an adult could be performed.

2. understand the techniques available, process and principles of risk assessment and their significance in the process of self- regulation for all OH&S requirements.

3. Identify the requirements of the OH&S management system standards against which an audit is to be performed.

4. Explain the differences between the OH&S management system standards and the international standards for quality and environmental management systems.

5. Describe the roles and responsibilities of auditors and Lead auditors in the context of OH&S management systems audits.

6. Explain the rationale supportings the implementation of OH&S management systems or the integration of OH&S requirements into exiting management systems.

7. Plan, prepare, Perform and report both verbally and in writing an audit of the management and operation of an organization in accordance with the requirements of establised relevant audit criteria.

8. Collect and analyze evidence, exercising objectivity, and make and communicate decisions of the significance of observations made.

Course format:

1. Each Day is divided into four sessions, two before lunch and two after lunch.
2. The first session preceeds the mid-morning break and second follows mid-morning break.
3. the afternoon sessions are similarly divided.
4. Folders are divided into sections, one section per module.
5. All overheads and material given during the course will be provided in your folder.
6. The overheads are presented on the left hand side of the page and commentary, where appropriate is provided, on the right hand side of the page.
7. you will need to allow sufficient time to read and understand the notes which have been provided.
Method:In a classroom
Duration:5 Day
Total hours of lesson:8
Requirements:Any degree or Diploma
Students per class:15

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Course program

5 Days Class room Training

Course location

  • New no: 38 / Old No: 73, S2 II Floor, Brown Nest Apartments, II Main Road, Gandhi Nagar(Opp. Hotel Grand Sweets), Adyar, Chennai - 600 020. - 600020
    Chennai (Tamil Nadu)
    Head office for Chennai


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