Online MSC-Patran Training

Online Design Training
Online Design Training

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Type:Certificate Programs
Duration:7 Weeks
Requirements:Hardware/Software/Connectivity Requirements at the participants end: • IE6+ or Firefox 3+ with Adobe flash player 10+ • 512kbps broadband connection minimum • Microphone, headset/speaker
Students per class:1

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Course program

Whether you are a student, or working professional, if you are keen to learn the latest CAD-CAE software available in the market, this is the place for you. We understand the importance of a single penny you pay and hence we repay it with the quality education.

Online Patran Training content:
• FEM basics
• Geometry- cleanup, editing
• FE modeling- types of element and application
• Meshing- Shell meshing, solid meshing, meshing generation features
• Assembly- welds, bolts, contact definition, liner/non-linear analysis preparation
• Analysis-Deck overview for solver - Nastran
• Work on live projects

Now stop spending thousands of bucks on rental and transportation to pursue a costly training program in metros. Get trained completely, sitting on your study table and desktop, using latest software, tutorials, and abundant example projects at your disposal - all of this under the guidance of expert tutors who are capable of instilling enormous confidence into you. Finally, take a dive into the job market, and see for yourself who can dare to stop you from achieving your dream job and career.

We understand the hectic schedules of the working professionals and those studying, hence we believe in concept ‘Tutorial on demand – 24X7’ and implement it. Choose course of your interest, and it will be available at your desktop - no fix batch timings, no traffic woes, no time clashes with your job. That’s not all – you can also fix-up your suitable time with the expert tutor to solve all the queries you get while watching that video tutorials. This is also possible at your suitable time - even on weekend. Can anything be more flexible than this?


• Access 24X7 self learning audio-video enable tutorials of your interest

• Weekly live session with expert tutor at the convenient time of participants to solve all the queries they have.

• Dedicated tutor support through email & live sessions

• Play-Pause-Repeat tutorials as many times as participants wish

• No buffering time is required

• Live sessions offers magnificent features like Document sharing, Desktop sharing, Multimedia sharing, white board and
even remote control access to the machine

• Well described and user friendly tutorials.

• Track your training program

• Ample of self practice examples and projects to pump the right confidence

• Access online reading room (like online library) with lots of reference material, tutorials and e-books!

• Most affordable price you can ever find.

Course location

Online Design Training

Online Design Training is a local learning center for global world.

Online Design Training offers audio-video enabled online tutorials of latest CAD-CAE software. Participants across the globe can access these tutorials irrespective of their schedule or location. Learn latest CAD-CAE software at your convenience, access online tutorials 24X7, practice on real life model and clear doubts through live session with expert tutor. Apart from that work on live projects and get hands on experience irrespective of your current location.

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