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OnlineEnglish.EU offers students the chance to prepare themselves well for the TOEIC test. The online TOEIC preparation training platform was written by an authorized TOEIC test administrator and qualified, native English language teacher with over 8 years experience in the TOEIC test and of 35 years experience in teaching.

The course will estimate your TOEIC score level and your strengths and weaknesses. From this information you can focus your training on those questions that cause you the most problem.

The course includes specific exercises for every TOEIC question type with review to see your mistakes, as well as clever tips about how best to answer TOEIC questions, plan a strategy and organize your timing.

Students can practice and get accustomed to sitting the TOEIC test with the OnlineEnglish mock TOEIC test generator that creates over 1000 different 2 hour, 200 question mock TOEICtests.

OnlineEnglish also includes shorter practice tests to allow students to get accustomed to specific question types and monitor their performance and improvement during training. All tests can be reviewed to check mistakes and learn.

In addition, the TOEIC preparation course includes English grammar and vocabulary exercises to offer extra help and allow you to improve towards 990 points in the TOEIC test.

Students can choose two methods of training; self-study or the Training Coach; an interactive training module that gives the student the experience of being in class; just like a real TOEIC teacher.

The Training coach will analyse a student's English levels, progress and improvement, and from this information, will give them the TOEIC exercises and tips they need to do. The Training Coach offers advice about English level, training performance and even TOEIC question timing.


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OnlineEnglish TOEIC Test Preparation Course

OnlineEnglish complete preparation course for the TOEIC Test. See your estimated TOEIC score level. See your strengths and weaknesses and focus your learning. Dedicated teacher and TOEIC administrator help by email. Exercises and short practice tests to focus on weaknesses. Over 1500 specific exercises for each type of TOEIC question. Answer review so you can see your...
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