PowerPoint 2010 Advanced


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Method:In a classroom
Duration:4 Hour

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Table of Contents - Volume 1:


Adding Tables to a Presentation


Creating a Table

Modifying a Table

Formatting a Table

Inserting a Table from Microsoft Word

Adding SmartArt


Introducing SmartArt

Converting a Bulleted List to SmartArt

Changing the Type of Chart

Using the Text Pane to Add Text

Inserting a New SmartArt Chart

Inserting Pictures

Formatting the Chart

Alter the Shapes Individually

Inserting Charts in a Presentation


Create a Chart

Edit a Chart

Format a Chart

Use Excel Charts in PowerPoint

Adding Audio and Video Effects


Add Video

Move and Resize Movie Clips

Format Video

Add Sound

Effect the Playback Settings

Use Animation


Animate Objects

Animate Text

Customize Animation

Animate SmartArt Objects

Table of Contents - Volume 2:

Working with Actions


Add an Action Button

Modify an Action Button

Add an Action to Any Shape

Customizing a Design Template


Understanding the Relationship Between the Master, the Layouts and the Theme

Add a New Slide Master

Remove a Master

Format a Slide Master via a Theme

Create New Theme Colors

Create New Theme Fonts

Create Custom Layouts

Save a Theme

Use a Custom Template

Create PowerPoint Templates

Customizing the PowerPoint Environment


Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

Change the General Options

Change the Proofing Options

Customize the Ribbon

Advanced Presentation Techniques


Build Slides from a Word Outline

Customize and Run a Custom Slide Show

Add Slide Timings to a Presentation

Rehearse Slide Timings

Hiding and Unhiding Slides

Annotate a Presentation

Finalizing a Presentation


Compare a Presentation

Accept or Reject Changes

Insert Comments

Review Comments

Delete Comments

Inspect the Presentation

Check Compatibility

Save a Slide as an Image

Save a File to Open Directly in Slide Show Mode

Save Presentation as a Video

Broadcast a Presentation

Package a Presentation

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