Practical SIP Telephony Training Course


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Duration:21 Hour
Total hours of lesson:7
Requirements:It is assumed that delegates will have a working knowledge of TCP/IP. A basic understanding of VoIP would be beneficial.
Students per class:6

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Course program

Describe call signalling and setup in the voice network
Describe carrying of voice media and bandwidth requirements for VoIP calls
Describe SIP standards, services, messages and return codes
Describe basic call setup using SIP
Describe SIP flows and SDP
Describe registration process and making calls with a SIP Server
Describe IP PBX and Call Conferences
Describe SRV records and DNS
Describe uri/url/urn, ENUM and NAPTR Records
Describe mapping of services to an address
Describe SIP-T and SIP-I
Describe SIP early media and SIP trunks
Describe call flows between PSTN and IP using SIP
Describe Secure SIP, Secure RTP and Secure RTCP
Describe typical Secure SIP implementations
Practical Exercises:
Lab Exercise 1: Practical SIP in the LAN with Xlite
Lab Exercise 2: Examine SIP Packets using Wireshark
Lab Exercise 3: SDP, Presence and IM
Lab Exercise 4: Call Flows with SIP Server
Lab Exercise 5a: SIP Registration with DNS
Lab Exercise 5b: Call Flows with DNS
Lab Exercise 6: SIP Trunks
Lab Exercise 7: Security with IPSec
Lab Exercise 8: Security with Secure SIP

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