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Pinnacle Aviation Academy

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Type:Certificate Programs
Duration:55 Hour

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How do you get started? Well it’s easy! The first step is to come out to the airport and interview (yes interview) flight schools. You will want to find a school with friendly, knowledgeable people and quality aircraft. We hope you will choose Pinnacle Aviation Academy!

The private pilot curriculum is made up of two types of learning, study of all aspects of aviation and learning to fly an aircraft. Pilots learn faster by simultaneously studying the materials and flying aircraft. ( Sort of the lecture / lab concept.) Many people choose to train in a Cessna 152 or a 172. The Cessna 152 is a two-seat trainer and is designed for people training for their private pilot certificates. Some people choose to fly the larger Cessna 172. Normally you will want to fly 2 to 3 times per week. Some people fly less some more. The more frequently you fly, the faster you learn (least number of total hours) because we all tend to forget details over time. If you fly less frequently, it will generally take a greater number of hours to complete the Private Pilot curriculum because your instructor will likely need to provide more review time in each lesson prior to introducing new material.

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