Programming with Big Data in R Training Course


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Duration:21 Hour
Total hours of lesson:7
Students per class:6

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Course program

Introduction to Programming Big Data with R (bpdR)
Setting up your environment to use pbdR
Scope and tools available in pbdR
Packages commonly used with Big Data alongside pbdR
Message Passing Interface (MPI)
Using pbdR MPI 5
Parallel processing
Point-to-point communication
Send Matrices
Summing Matrices
Collective communication
Summing Matrices with Reduce
Scatter / Gather
Other MPI communications
Distributed Matrices
Creating a distributed diagonal matrix
SVD of a distributed matrix
Building a distributed matrix in parallel
Statistics Applications
Monte Carlo Integration
Reading Datasets
Reading on all processes
Broadcasting from one process
Reading partitioned data
Distributed Regression
Distributed Bootstrap

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