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Doctor of Holistic Medicines (H.M.D.)

Indian Board of Alternative Medicine
Doctor of Holistic Medicine (H.M.D.) is a highly pursued and recommended distance learning course conducted by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine encompassing the various modalities of health care to balance body, mind and spirit for its harmonious functioning and advising...
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Distance learning | 18 Months

Reiki Healing

Atma Jagriti
Reiki Is Simple Method of Healing your Mind ,Body and Soul.Reiki Healing includes Self Healing,Healing of others,Scanning and Cleansing of Body and Chakras,Healing of Chakras ,Meditations,Use Of Symbol in Healing ,Charging Food And Water,Crystal Grid,Psychic Surgery,Symbol Meditation etc. Reiki Helps to heal...
$8,000 $6,000
Short courses | 6 Day

Transformative Therapy with Art and Music

Holistic Design Institute
HOLISTIC DESIGN INSTITUTE Art and Music Transformative Therapy Distance Learning International Diploma course in 10 Lessons. This vocational course is designed for those who wish to work in a complementary health field using art and music to accelerate inner healing. Learn how Art and...
Online | 6 Months

Transformative Therapy with creative arts and music

Holistic Design Institute
Transformative Therapy using Art and Music Diploma Awarded from HOLISTIC DESIGN INSTITUTE. UK. 10 Lessons - by Distance Learning delivered by email or on CD. This course is designed for those who wish to work in a complementary health field using art and music...
Distance learning | 6 Months

Color Therapy Counsellor Diploma course

Holistic Design Institute
Color Therapy Counsellor Diploma Professional Training Course 12 Lessons Iris International School of Color Therapy UK offers an international accredited Diploma in Color Therapy. This course trains you to become a professional Color Therapist. Learn to give Color Therapy Readings by using color...
Distance learning | 6 Months
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