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The course will introduce both Zhan Zhuang Qigong - a 'Standing Qigong', and Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong - a 'Moving Qigong'.
The exercises help to promote health in all the organs of the body, as well as helping to increase the circulation, and to strengthen the joints and bones.
Both forms of Qigong help with posture, breathing, relaxation, coordination, and stress.
Method:Evening courses
Duration:13 Weeks
Total hours of lesson:13
Requirements:Qigong can be done by almost anyone, and there are both seated and standing forms of qigong. The only requirements are to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and shoes that are as flat as possible. It is best not to eat immediately before the class.
Students per class:15

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Course program

We will be concentrating on a set of exercises for one of the body's system (e.g. Digestive, Cardiovascular, Respiratory etc.). There will also be Zhan Zhuang (standing pole Qigong) as usual, as well as some Yiquan techniques.
One of the aims is to find out where you are holding tension in the body, and then to work on releasing it.

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Tai chi and Qigong classes for all levels.
James Drewe has studied tai chi and qigong since 1975, is the author of 3 books on the subject, & is a member of the BCCMA, the TCUGB, & the Longfei Taijiquan Assoc.

Taiji (Tai Chi)
Suitable for all ages and levels.
Beginner Forms are the Yang 10-Step Form, the Sun 12-Step Form, and the Yang 16-Step Form. More advanced routines also taught are the Yang 24 & 88-Step Forms, 42 Combined Competition Hand Form, 2-person forms, etc., and several sword and fan Forms.

Qigong (Ch’i Kung)
There are 2 types of qigong taught 1) static Zhan Zhuang and 2) moving sets of Daoyin exercises.
The latter are exercises for the body ‘systems’ e.g. Digestive, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and the Skeletal systems.
There are also sets of exercises for the Liver, the Kidneys, the entire Meridian system, and to generally tone up the body.
Most classes also incorporate exercises for the joints including the understanding of some acupressure points, and there are stretching and breathing exercises.

The arts of Tai chi and qigong are about learning how to use your body from the 'core', so that all of your movements are initiated by the 'centre'. The concept is that, as a result of this, your actions and inter-actions become harmonious, you are able to function both more efficiently and with a greater sense of peace, and your relationship with the world becomes one of working with it, rather than constantly fighting it.

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