People and Processes, Inc.

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Type:Continuing Education
Method:In a classroom
Duration:3 Day
Students per class:20

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About our RCM2 Introductory Course - An Aladon Network Course
A three day introductory course walks participants through the RCM2 process. RCM2 is a logical discipline for the development of effi cient scheduled (preventive) maintenance programs for complex assets, and the ongoing management of such programs to achieve the inherent safety and reliability capabilities of assets at a minimum cost. This course teaches you the fundamentals of modern physical asset performance management and highlights the business case for reliability. Today more than ever there is a burning need to increase asset performance while reducing costs. This is not a new concept as a typical asset undergoes between 30 and 50 reliability, maintenance and production optimization initiatives per year. A key to ensuring success is to shift from the conventional repair and modifi cation approaches to a focus on failure consequence mitigation – the core principle of RCM2. RCM2 is used to defi ne your maintenance strategy. A central problem addressed with RCM2 is how to determine which maintenance tasks, if any, should be applied to an item and how frequently assigned tasks should be accomplished. The net result is a structured blend of experience, judgment, and operational information to identify the right work at the right time. The content of this 3 day course can be readily assimilated by maintenance and operations people at all levels. The course teaches you to apply best practices to answering the seven questions of RCM using a case study approach. The group explores the steps and issues concerning the application and implementation of the analysis to ensure that the desired benefi ts are attained

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People and Processes, Inc.

People and Processes, Inc. is an education and consulting services firm dedicated to Maintenance and Operations enhancement. We help our manufacturing and facilities clients by utilizing industry recognized best practices and processes in a holistic site approach.

They can be very different to work with. Since we measure our success on your results, we believe in partnerships with our clients. We are comfortable recommending actions that may not be popular with management. At the same time, we work with your people at all levels to get the job done right. It's about your success.

Our people have worked with clients all over the world, through many successful programs and seminars, in virtually every industry. Our depth comes from not just delivering education and other consulting services, but from actual work experience in facilities just like yours.

Our work generally begins with education. Our seminars provide interfaces to top corporate and site management where we develop partnerships for enhancing maintenance and operations work processes and skills development. The fact that we are dedicated to improving both maintenance and operations separates our firm from many of our peers. Often our work requires fundamental changes in the corporate culture. Our work is most successful when we work closely with clients who are dissatisfied with the status quo

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