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SAM Consulting Services, Inc. (d/b/a SAM Career Center) was founded in 1993 by a team of experienced Information Technology and Human Resources professionals. Over this period of time our firm has grown into one of the Tri-State area most respected job skills training and job readiness training organizations. Currently SAM Consulting Services is a registered in NY State Business School specializing in advanced Computer, Finance and Business training.

Among our most significant achievements are:
- Licensed as a New York State Business School
- Approved as a Vocational Type of Institution (Visa M-1) for Foreign students
- Approved by NYS Department of State as Real Estate Training Provider
- Approved as a Work Force Training Provider by State of New York and New Jersey
- Approved as a Training Institution of New York State Division of Veterans Affairs
- Approved as a Microsoft IT Academy in 2011
- Developed about 50 various IT and Business related programs

Our programs are selected on the basis of industry trends and ongoing market demands and continuously receive a high rate of employers satisfaction.

SAM Career Center offers various free classes and seminars, such as ESL courses and City Jobs preparation seminars.

In 1999 SAM Consulting Services, Inc. was merged with PowerSelf Corp, a placement and consulting services company to offer a full range of IT related services for its clients including Consulting, Development, Placement and Training.

Our contact information:

SAM Career Center
1723 East 12 Street, 3rd Floor,
Brooklyn, NY 11229
P: 718-648-3997 (Training), 718-769-1440 (Consulting)
F: 718-648-3888


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Featured courses

Computerized Bookkeeping with QuickBooks, Peachtree and Excel

COURSE OBJECTIVES: - Grasp essential business terminology. - Introduce basic accounting principles and terminology. - Understand the process of recording financial transactions utilizing QuickBooks. - Understand the concept of cash receipts and cash disbursements. - Understand basic Peachtree features. - Learn basic skills necessary to begin using Excel and working with...
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Medical Billing and Coding

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course familiarizes the students with patient account management and helps develop confidence and skills necessary to become successful in performing the duties of Medical Biller. Students will learn, understand and complete HCFA’s requires billing forms, including physician billing balance, billing and collection procedures. Third-party payment policies and follow-up procedures...
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Project Management (PMP) Certification Preparation

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course covers the basic concepts of the five fundamental Project Management Process groups, tools and techniques of the nine Project Management Knowledge Areas to help participants develop a knowledge base and the ability to apply that knowledge to different industries from project initiation through project close. The course familiarizes participants...
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Legal Administrative Assistant

This course introduces students to essential skills necessary in today’s legal business environment. The skills are developed based on learning and usage of Microsoft Office major tools and learning fundamentals of legal office administrative assistant techniques with emphasis on improving typing skills. The course is intended to teach students general legal...
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Computer Aided Design Systems (AutoCAD)

This hands-on training concentrates on beginners to intermediate Computer Aided Design concepts and commands designed to increase productivity. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to confidently create, edit, manipulate, analyze, manage dimension, and plot production 2D and 3D drawings, specifications and applications. Objective: To train students for entry-level...
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Quality Assurance Comprehensive Course

This unique program is a result of our twenty years experience in the world of professional training of various categories of students. It expresses of our understanding the most efficient and complete way of preparation for real work as Quality Assurance Specialist. This program is not designed as “crush” or online...
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Business Analysis Comprehensive Course

This course provides a solid foundation to find and maintain employment as a Business Analyst in the modern business environment. Through a combination of lectures and exercises, students will learn the key techniques and approaches necessary to be effective. They will also be able to understand how the BA fits into...
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SQL Server Database Administration

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completing this course students will have skills in: - Microsoft SQL Server installation / Cluster Installation / Microsoft SQL Server Analysis. - How to use SQL Help/SQL Help Online; how to find an answer for problematic issue Managing database files: - Data structure - Creating and Managing...
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Quality Assurance Automation

The course is a great introduction to Quality Assurance in Software. Students are introduced to the foundations and practical techniques for establishing and implementing a Software Quality Assurance for Client/Server and Web applications. Emphasis is placed on methodologies for defining and validating quality, preventing and detecting errors, and defining test strategies...
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Comprehensive Income Tax Course

COURSE OBJECTIVES: • Grasp essential income tax terminology • Understand the basic income tax theory and learn the rules necessary to prepare more complicated tax returns such as those requiring schedules C, D, E and Depreciation (MACRS and ACRS). • Understand the process of preparing an individual income tax return...
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