SQL language in MSSQL Training Course


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Duration:14 Hour
Total hours of lesson:7
Requirements:Computer literacy Knowledge of any operating system
Students per class:6

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Course program

Relational database models
The structure of a relational database
Relational operators
Download the data
Rules for writing SQL queries
The syntax for the SELECT
Selecting all columns
Inquiries from arithmetic operations
Aliases columns
Restrict results
The WHERE clause
The comparison operators.
LIKE Condition
Prerequisite BETWEEN ... AND
IS NULL condition
IN condition.
Logical operators
Many of the conditions in the WHERE clause
The order of operators
Sorting Data
The ORDER BY clause
Sorting by multiple columns or expressions
SQL Functions
The differences between the functions of single and multi-rows
Functions text, numeric, date,
Conversion functions
Nesting functions
Handling of NULL values
Aggregating data using the grouping function
Grouping functions
How grouping functions treat NULL values
Create groups of data - the GROUP BY clause
Grouping multiple columns
Reducing the function result grouping - the HAVING clause
Retrieving data from multiple tables
Types of joins
Aliases tables
Joins in the WHERE clause
INNER JOIN Inner join
External Merge LEFT, RIGHT
Cartesian product
Place subqueries in the SELECT command
Subqueries single and multi-lineage
Operators Subqueries single-line
Operators Subqueries multi-IN, ALL, ANY
Collective operators
UNION operator
INTERSECT operator
EXCEPT operator
Insert, update, and delete data
INSERT command
UPDATE command
DELETE command

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