The Italian language school Terramare located in Orbetello, Tuscany, offers language and cultural courses with an intensive outdoor program with many cultural activities, as the courses that are held in small groups (not more than 2-6 students) do not only take place in the classroom but all around this lovely city and region: the participants learn the Italian language getting to know the Italian society, taking part in various cultural events and exploring the natural paradise as well as the artistic and cultural treasures of the surrounding area. At Terramare students experience an intensive and unforgettable Italian language holiday.


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Italian standard course

INTENSIVE GROUP COURSE program per week: Morning: 4 hrs language lessons from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. with a brief pause. The desire to include social and cultural information about our Country is a strong motivation to learn the language. As our land is so rich in nature, archaeology, art, history and traditions,...
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Italian, nature and sport

Special courses include educational and cultural activities of the standard group + 3 afternoons special activities per week Students, accompanied by a teacher are introduced in sport associations, art workshops, Italian families, organic farms... The “Nature & Sport” course program consists of sporting activities – sea, lagoon along the coast.
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Italian, cuisine and wine

Special courses include educational and cultural activities of the standard group + 3 afternoons special activities per week The “Mediterranean cuisine and Wine” course program consists of: preparation of traditional dishes in Italian families, local restaurants ; wine and oil tasting, visits to organic farms.
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Italian, history, art and archeology

Special courses include educational and cultural activities of the standard group + 3 afternoons special activities per week. The “Art & Archeology” course consists of: visits to museums, archaeological sites, Art expositions, cities of art; painting and ceramic workshops, Art history.
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The language of travelling

18 hours per week of language teaching - from 9 to 12, Monday to Saturday -; 24 hours of discovery of nature, cultural and investigative activities per week. The course take place in Sardinia An extraordinary geographical variety of natural untouched environments : sea, islands, spectacular hinterland characterized by megalithic towers erected by...
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From creating art to speaking Italian

Language and art workshop • Processing of clay and pottery art; • Enamel processing and the decoration of ceramics; • Techniques of painting and graphical; All activities are guided by experienced tutors. • visiting the most important Tuscan cities of art. • contemplating the archeological relics of the Etruscan-Roman era. • learning the Italian language and its artistic terms....
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Italian combined course

Class lessons each morning from 9 a.m. to 1+ 3 cultural activities p.m. per week. plus two hours of individual tuition in the afternoons . Students who choose a combined course participate in all the cultural activities organized by the school for intensive group courses. The possibility for the students to integrate the...
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Italian individual course

For students with special needs at all levels, translation courses proficiency and in-depth study courses in a wide range of language fields (economics, law, science, historical, artistic etc…). Available courses include preparation for *CILS exam at all levels. Students who choose an individual course participate in all the cultural activities organized by...
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Economical correlation between the lagoon and the Sea

This course consists of 15 hours of language tuition per week plus 20 hours of visits and excursions regarding the correlation between the lagoon of Orbetello and the sea, like excursions regarding the water resource management, processing and the conservation of fish, degustation of sea food or fishing in the sea....
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Italian Christmas course

This course consists 3 hours of language tuition in the morning and cultural activities in the afternoon, resulting in 30 hours per week. The minimum duration of this course is one week, the maximum duration three weeks. This is a magic moment to learn Italian and get in touch with the...
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