Test Automation with Selenium Training Course


Detailed information

Course code:163
Duration:14 Hour
Total hours of lesson:7
Requirements:Understanding of HTML, XML
Students per class:6

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Course program

Selenium IDE
IDE features
Building test cases
Creating test suites
Executing tests
Extending IDE functionality
Selense commands
Cross browser testing
Editing tests using an HTML editor
Regular expressions
Understand various locators (Xpath, ID etc)
Regression testing with minimum changes
Best practices, TIPs
Understand current test suite
Testing AJAX applications
Handling popup and alerts
Flow control
Verify page elements
Selenium Webdriver
Installation and configuration
Running HTML test suites against various browsers
Creating batch files
Cross browser testing
Selenium Grid
Distributed testing
Cross browser testing
Continous Integration in the example of Jenkins
Installation and configuration
Schedule tests
Compare test results against various releases
User acceptance testing
Defining acceptance criteria
Automating the UAT
Limitations, Issues

Course location

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