The Irish Academy

Founded in 1992, The Irish Academy is located in New York and Dublin, and specialises in online education and training in communications disciplines. Courses combine Irish knowledge and certification, with international best practice, mentored by American-based professional practitioners who tutor on our behalf. The Academy offers Certificate courses in Public Relations, Journalism and Grammar, and a Diploma in Event Management. The Academy's courses are studied online throughout the United States, in Ireland and worldwide.

Graduates Worldwide:
Our graduates are based in: America, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lesotho, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

The PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), the EADL (European Association for Distance Learning), the NUJ (National Union of Journalists), the EAJ (European Association of Journalists), CERP (The European Confederation of Public Relations Practitioners) and EUPRERA (the PR Education and Research body).


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Diploma in Event Management (online)

The Academy's Diploma in Event Management course is geared to people who want to work in the industry or who are already working in the industry, but need to up-skill. This diploma teaches all of the elements of organising an event, but, equally as important in the current climate, it will...

Diploma in Public Relations (online)

For those who want to work in public relations, create publicity, organize functions, write press releases, brief photographers and develop practical skills. For those who want the know-how. This course is taught online throughout the USA, in Ireland and worldwide. A tutor is appointed to you, your own personal, professional journalist, who...

Certificate in Journalism (online)

The Academy's Diploma course in Journalism is specifically designed for people who want to start freelancing into the industry. The course covers the vitally important areas of law and contract which every journalist must understand. In addition, the course teaches the complimentary but separate skills of writing for news, writing features,...

Diploma in Social Media Marketing

Ever thought about working in online marketing and public relations? Do you have any idea of the power of social media when used for PR purposes? Could you advise someone on the benefits (and pitfalls) of developing a Facebook profile? How is LinkedIn used? Should your business have a Google+ presence?...

Diploma in Radio Journalism (online)

The Diploma in Radio Journalism course has 20 modules covering the following subjects: * Introduction to journalism * Radio Journalism * Investigative journalism * Ethics * Legal Issues * Contemporary events and news sources * Journalism, social media and the internet * Grammar * Radio Journalism interviews * Conducting an interview * Radio Journalism writing (3 parts) * Voice Training (2 parts) * Radio...

Diploma in Mobile Journalism (online)

The Diploma in Mobile Journalism has ten modules. You can complete one non-production module each week (there are six) but you have two weeks to complete each of the production modules (there are also four of these). We send you text modules which contain links to specially created video and audio...

Certificate in English Grammar (online)

The Academy offers a Certificate course in English Grammar, specifically written to meet the needs of people who are passionate about the English language. The grammar course teaches the structure of sentences; the roles of nouns, verbs and adverbs; the function of punctuation and the parts played by participles, gerunds and...