Transact SQL Basic Training Course


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Duration:14 Hour
Total hours of lesson:7
Students per class:6

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Course program

Selection of all columns/fields
Selection of certain columns/fields
Use of distinct/unique
Selection of certain rows/records
Selection of values in a range
Selection of values matching a pattern mask
Selection of values within a list
Treatment of null values
How to sort and order data
Selection of calculated and derived values
How to control column headings in query results
How to send query results to external files
Joining Tables
Principles of joining tables:
Use of cartesian join
Use of inner join
Use of non-equi join
Use of outer join
Joining Queries
Union operator
Intersect operator
Except operator
Simple Functions
Conversion functions
Date functions
Number functions
Text functions
Group/summary/aggregate functions
Principles of sub-queries
How to filter rows from main query
Use of nested sub-query
Use of multi-column sub-query
Use of correlated sub-query
Use of sub-query as an inline view and common table expression
Use of sub-query as a column in main query
Case Statements
Principles of case statements
Use of case statement to derive column values
Use of nested case statements
Use of case statements to produce pivot tables
Use of case statement with sub-queries
Data Manipulation
How to insert values into a table
How to copy values between tables
How to update values
How to delete records
How to change data via views
Use of transactions
How to lock rows and tables
Data Definition
Principles of a relational database and data normalisation
Use of primary key and foreign key relationships and constraints
How to create tables
How to alter tables
How to create views
Use of synonyms
How to remove tables and views

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