Sam Hospitality Academy

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Method:Blended learning
Duration:10 Day
Internship:We assist with intenrships from surrounds hotels, restaurants and guesthouse
Students per class:20

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Course program

The course covers the following:

Layout, facilities and services of the hospitality industry
Effective Communication with guests and colleagues
Providing/ monitoring guest service
Clean and store glassware
Basic Beverage Knowledge
Provide and maintain drink service
Provide and maintain table service
Basic calculations

Course location

Sam Hospitality Academy

Whether you are planning to start a career in the hospitality industry, or your are looking to refresh your skills, learn the techniques or learn how to entice your guests like a professional, then you are at the right place. Our training is very unique and involves not just the theory but also practicals. Our qualified trainers are effective at teaching hospitality concepts, and we've developed our curriculum using modern day methods!

Why Sam Hospitality? We are hands on, affordable, experienced, convenient; we travel to any location to train your staff at the convenience of your environment, and we assist with job placement opportunities!

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