Personal Development Workshops

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Find Your Excellence

Aunt Kellie Enterprises
Get on track with this amazing program conducted by Kellie Nicholson, motivational speaker, business consultant and life coach. Better life, better relationships, personal power, career advancement All ages over 18 years old.
Online | 6 Weeks

Personal Grooming

Sam Hospitality Academy
An excellent half day course for every employee, any industry. We travel to any company in South Africa and neighbouring countries. Every employee for any company All employee
Personalized | 4 Hour

Criteria to cover in Staff Briefing Course

Sam Hospitality Academy
Designed to help managers and supervisors to gain in-depth understanding of the criteria to cover in staff briefing, standards, customer service, revenue, interdepartmental communication, etc Managers and Supervisors Managers and Supervisors
Short courses | 4 Hour
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